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Lace Necklace - Grains of Earth

Summer’s Hot Trend: Crochet Crazy

One of summer’s hottest trends is crochet. It seems that the summer wardrobe staple lace has been given a makeover. Festival fans everywhere are going mad for crochet, and here is how I suggest you can wear this summer’s cute trend.

Crochet Crazy - Where to Get ItCrochet is a versatile material, which means anyone can wear it, it’s just how you choose to. If you want a youthful look, it seems that pairing a crochet bikini style top with denim hot pants and playful print shorts – as a two-piece combo look – is the way to wear it. Go for a more sophisticated daytime look by paring a crochet vest of kimono with jeans and a favourite tee. If you fancy going all ethereal why not wear it as a long gypsy skirt for the beach or cool summer evenings?

Accessories are even going mad, introducing little crochet collars, often handmade. Why not dig out your crochet hooks and get going on your own crochet project? Patterns can easily be found online – in fact we have started stocking McCall’s in-store and online.

If you’re not taken back by the crochet craze then I suggest buying a cheap white t-shirt or bringing an old one up-to-date, by adding a lace trim to the sleeves and hem. There are some beautiful lace trims here.

So whether you will be wearing crochet on the beach, at a BBQ or at a festival or two, have fun with this look and layer up!

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Featured Image: Beaded Crochet by Kovale @ Grains of Earth
Above right: Trending Looks @ Where To Get It