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Lining & Interfacings

Linings & Interfacings

We only sell great quality linings & interfacings for that elegant look & feel. We stock wholesale interlinings from Vilene who are regarded as the best in textiles and fashion design supplies, and all our linings are perfect for your curtains, garments and other sewing needs. Our discounted Acetate Linings, which is a lightweight synthetic lining, is perfect when used in coats, jackets, skirts and dresses. For folded patchwork or quilting, there’s nothing better than William Gee’s top quality Calico, ideal for toiles and garment fitting. Or why not try our sateen curtain lining by buying online or in store from our fabric warehouse in Dalston, London.

  • Linings

    Linings (88)


    We do everything possible to supply the best lining to your studio or home. Buy quality linings here at the lowest price online, including lightweight synthetic Acetate Taffeta lining for your everyday garments and Polyester Satin lining for a smooth, satin finished lining with a lustrous finish. All of the William Gee lining products are kept in stock to make sure we can deliver them to you next day. Our excellent linings also come in a variety of colours, though please get in touch if you are looking for something more specific.

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  • Interfacings

    Interfacings (79)


    We've been stocking Vilene Interfacings for decades now, and have never let our customers down on quality, service or delivery! We hold top quality interlining fabric specifically designed for shirting, great interfacing for the construction of chest pieces, and top quality products like Tailors Canvas and Fusible Iron On Interlinings for small parts such as front panels of jackets in wool and silk (lightweight to medium weight) fabrics. We have a huge choice of quality interlining, you won't be left disappointed!

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  • Calico & Drill

    Calico & Drill (5)

    Calico & Drill

    Our calico starts at £1.58/metre! It's is a plain weave cotton that is perfect for use in toiles and garment fittings, as well as for folded patchwork and the backing to quilts. 100% medium weight cotton at 153-158gsm. You won't find a cheaper place to buy this item online. We sell lightweight and medium weight calico which comes in a white or a natural colour that may contain small brown markings from the cotton seed. William Gee sell Calico daily to top fashion houses and designers and fashion enthusiasts looking to make their mark in the fashion industry- don't miss out!

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  • Crin

    Crin (8)

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  • Pocketing

    Pocketing (9)


    Pocketing fabric, or cotton and nylon pocketing as we call it, is ideal for use in a variety of garments including jackets, blazers and coats. Our Silesia Cotton Pocketing and Nylon Pocketing are available in different colours and sizes, though if your colour option is not available, please enquire by phone on 020 7254 2451.

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  • Muslin

    Muslin (1)


    When it comes to extremely comfortable, loose fabric, our Muslin is the perfect solution. It's a quality loosely-woven fabric made from cotton, and is used in kitchens around the world, even for Christmas puddings and to make cheese! It's more commonly used for curtains, drapes, window and bed dressings, and is a strong yet soft fabric that we supply to our customers at an inexpensive cost! It's variety of uses are endless, so why not use it in your next project?

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  • Nylon Dress Nets

    Nylon Dress Nets (27)

    Nylon Dress Nets

    William Gee stock Nylon Mesh- also known as Nylon Netting- in our shop on Kingsland Road, Dalston. It's the industry standard, coming in a variety of colours - see our shade cards for more colour options. Most designers and hobbyists use nylon net to create crafts and garments like tutu skirts, though its uses are ten-fold. William Gee sell Nylon Net to theatres and hospitals up and down the country, and its strong, tough material means that it holds its shape at home and outside in the garden!

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  • Batting, Wadding & Filling

    Batting, Wadding & Filling (12)

    Batting, Wadding & Filling

    No matter what your level of skill, William Gee have Wadding and Polyester Toy Filling that is available in both cotton and polyester fibres, the choice of which is completely personal. Cotton wadding is a natural product and therefore is preferred by some, perfect for quilting and other craft uses. Our Toy Filling is a polyester fibre stuffing that can be used in a variety of craft uses, such as stuffed toys and other stuffed items. Polyester Wadding is brilliant for upholstery and soft furnishing fillings, and all are machine washable at 40c.

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