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Great British Sewing Bee 2019 - William Gee

Great British Sewing Bee: Apply Now for 2023

The Great British Sewing Bee is back on our screens in May 2022, broadcast on BBC1. Are you nifty with a needle or handy with a hem? Put your skills to the test! We’re looking for more talented home sewers to take part in the next series of The Great British Sewing Bee. If you […]

Your guide to the best independent sewing pattern companies

A guide to the best independent sewing pattern companies

The past few years has seen a rise in smaller sewing companies and now there seems to be patterns to suit everyone, whatever their style. From French style to vintage inspired, here are a few of the best independent sewing pattern companies out there and the pick of my favourite makes. If you know of […]

Sewing Bee Part 3: Interfacing

Sewing Bee Part 3: Interfacing

Part 1: Tools of the Trade | Part 2: Pattern Hacking | Part 3: Interfacing | | Part 4: Fastenings It’s what’s on the inside that counts… It’s an old adage that it is what is on the inside that counts, and when it comes to constructing a professional garment, it makes a huge difference to collars, […]

Sewing Bee part 2 - Pattern Hacking

Sewing Bee Part 2: Pattern Hacking

Part 1: Tools of the Trade | Part 2: Pattern Hacking | Part 3: Interfacing | | Part 4: Fastenings After part 1, your sewing studio should be fully equipped and we are ready to move on to the interesting part – designing and making clothes! To make clothes there are two ways of starting: draping on a […]

Great British Sewing Bee 2019 - William Gee

Sewing Bee Part 1: Tools of the Trade

Part 1: Tools of the Trade | Part 2: Pattern Hacking | Part 3: Interfacing | Part 4: Fastenings Ever wondered what goes on in a professional sewing studio? Has the Sewing Bee inspired you to give it a go yourself? Here are some useful tips and insider secrets on how to take your projects from amateur home […]

William Gee Giveaway

Win a William Gee Sewing Kit in our Winter Giveaway!

Beat the January blues in our fantastic Winter giveaway! We want to give 1 lucky person the chance to win a STYLISH Sewing Kit, sponsored by William Gee! What’s more, we have some fantastic runners-up prizes too! » Prize Breakdown Winner: William Gee Sewing Kit! Runners Up: William Gee’s Pot Luck Moon Threads x 10 reels » […]

Great British Sewing Bee set to return to our screens in 2018

HUGE NEWS! Great British Sewing Bee is set to return in 2019!

That’s right, you heard correctly, our favourite TV Programme is back! Though one person will be missing from the mix…We can confirm that Claudia Winkleman will NOT be presenting the show, which as of yet does not have a broadcasting date.  Head to William Gee Online for professional sewing, dressmaking & fashion design tools with FAST […]

Win a Janome J3-18 Sewing Machine - William Gee UK

PRIZE GIVEAWAY…Win a Janome J3-18 Sewing Machine!

To celebrate William Gee’s 112th birthday, we are giving you the chance to win a Janome J3-18 Sewing Machine in our prize giveaway, as well as some fantastic runners-up prizes too! We are proud to partner with Tysew, a leading supplier of high quality sewing machines (and another UK family-run business), for this fantastic prize. […]

A Guide to the Best Sewing Blogs to follow in the UK

A Guide to the Best Sewing Blogs to Follow

William Gee are proud to present to you A Guide to the Best Sewing Blogs to Follow! We’ve been on a mission to find the top sewing bloggers in the UK (as well as a few international bloggers) and now, after months of speculation, we’re ready to reveal the winners of William Gee’s Sewing Blog Awards… […]

The Ultimate Wedding Season Survival Guide

The Ultimate Wedding Season Survival Guide

Yes, that time has arrived again. Straw hats the size of a small planet are fished out from the back of the airing cupboard and plucked into shape. Formal suits are donned in the hopes that the moths have not been dining on it. Will the waistband fasten? Love them or hate them, matrimony has been an […]

The William Gee Top 10 essential tools for budding tailors

Top 10 Essential Tools for Budding Tailors

Tailoring is a garment construction process with unique parameters. If it was a winter sport, I imagine it would be professional slalom skiing. Each calculated step and process may appear rather unnecessary, but omit it or approach it with a carefree manner, and it will be your undoing. Traditional tailoring is about precision and calculation. […]

Sewing Bee Part 4 - Fastenings

Sewing Bee Part 4: Fastenings

Part 1: Tools of the Trade | Part 2: Pattern Hacking | Part 3: Interfacing | Part 4: Fastenings Unless your garment is super stretchy you are going to need some kind of fastening to be able to get into it and keep it closed. Keep it Zipped! The most obvious thing to use is a zip. […]

Structure of a zip

The Structure of a Zipper

As we know, a zip is not just a zip… SLIDER The slider joins or separates the elements when the zipper is opened or closed. Various types of sliders are available depending on use. ELEMENTS The teeth, also known as elements, are the parts on each side of a zipper that mesh, or engage, with […]

Rouleau Loops

Rouleau Loops – not as tricky as you might think!

Rouleau Loops are the perfect way to add an elegant finishing touch to special occasion and everyday dressmaking projects, something a bit more special than standard machined buttonholes! I love these versatile little loops and use them all the time as a closure for fabric covered buttons and also when creating dramatic corset backed ballgowns. […]

5 of the best sewing and craft blogs to follow in 2016

5 of the Best Sewing Blogs to Follow in 2016

Sewing bloggers are a great source of inspiration and if you’re a newbie seamstress, you can pick up some fab ideas from them. Here’s my pick of the best sewing bloggers that you should follow – if you don’t already. If you have any other suggestions, add them in the comments below! Why not read about our […]

Sewing Curves

Sewing Curves: How do you sew yours?

When I used to look at buying a new sewing machine, the number of stitches per minute was always important to me – well, the quicker the machine stitched, the faster I could make stuff. Or so I thought. I have upgraded my sewing machine twice in the last 3 years and have only just […]

Pressing Matters - iron

Pressing Matters…

I hate ironing. No, I really hate ironing. The iron spends more time in the cupboard than in use but my OLD iron, the one my husband used for years during his art degree, sits permanently on the side ready for use. Not for ironing use, for pressing use. They’re the same aren’t they? Thankfully not! Everyone […]

A Beginners guide to the best sewing classes in the UK in 2016

A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Sewing Classes in the UK

For anyone who has thought about starting to sew, making your own clothes and accessories can seem overwhelming. There’s plenty of help out there – craft bloggers, social media, and even Youtube videos – but if you just don’t know where to start, or you want to learn from a sewing teacher, why not look for a […]

Sewing advice for beginners

Sewing advice for novices and newbies

Whether you want to take up sewing as a hobby, or you plan to embark on a new career where sewing will play an important role, there is much to learn and a lot of enjoyment to be taken from this popular craft. So let’s start right at the beginning… Choosing Your Machine Before you […]

Back to Uni - what you need to stock for your fashion design courses

Back to Uni with William Gee’s Sewing Packs!

This is the final time I will ever have to do any kind of ‘Back To School’ shenanigans. My oldest is heading to University and my younger teen is in her Final Year A Levels, hoping to go to University herself next year. I no longer have to remember to buy uniform and new school […]

The importance of a calico toile

The Importance Of A Calico Toile

If you’re making products in fabrics (be it a dress, a makeup bag, or a simple pouch) – if the product is designed to fit a certain object or serve a certain purpose, it’s important to get into the habit of creating a mock up, more traditionally known as a Toile. Toiles are created from a cheap material […]

Scissors vs rotary blades

Rotary Cutters vs Scissors

With words of warnings from my husband and teens ringing in my ears, I bought a rotary cutter last year. They all cringed and warned me not to – I am clumsy, sometimes don’t concentrate wholly on what I’m doing, and the fear was having to rush me to Casualty needing stitches to stop fingers […]

5 Things I love about my sewing machine

5 things I LOVE about my sewing machine!

I have owned a sewing machine of various kinds since buying a hand-cranked Singer at the age of 16. Recently, I twisted my husband’s arm (well, bank account really) to buy an all-singing, all-dancing new one. And I LOVE it! This beauty is computerised and I am starting to learn how to use some of […]

No one will ever notice my sewing mistakes

Sewing mistakes no one will ever notice…

My Grandma used to say to me “measure twice, cut once” and of course I would smile at her, nod, and carry on hastily with my cutting out and sewing. Everyone makes mistakes sewing, no matter how long you’ve been at it. Only last week I sewed a bag together, muttering to myself that it seemed […]