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How to make your own High Neck Self Drafted Dress at William Gee

10 Dresses: Self-Drafted High Neck Dress

The 10th and final dress of this series is a self-drafted high neck dress, inspired by the ever growing, sports-lux fashion trend. Unlike the other posts in this series I won’t take you through each step of the construction (as it isn’t a pattern you can purchase yourself, so I am unsure how helpful going through each step […]

10 Dresses: Cold Shoulder Dress

The 9th dress in the series is a cold shoulder dress, using a pattern from Prima magazine. I chose to do this as the penultimate pattern as it is a construct-it-yourself pattern. Similar to PDF patterns you can download online, Prima patterns need a bit of work before you can get down to sewing. I am […]

How to make a long sleeve dress - Tutorials at William Gee

10 Dresses: Long Sleeve Dress

 The 8th dress in the series is option D of Vogue pattern, V8849. I wanted to leave a dress (with a full sleeve insert) close to the end because as a beginner sleeves are quite difficult to insert. Although I won’t class myself as a ‘beginner’ anymore I still find it hard to get a smooth […]

How to make a strapless Dress - William Gee

10 Dresses: Strapless Dress

The seventh dress in the series is a strapless, princess seam dress. I used Vogue pattern, V8849 (option A), and made a slight amendment to the peplum detail. This pattern is from their Custom Fit range, which means the bodice pattern pieces come in different cup sizes, as well as different dress sizes. Therefore it […]

One Shoulder Dress by Andrea at William Gee

10 Dresses: One Shoulder Dress

The next dress in the series is the One Shoulder Dress. The history of this style of dress can be traced back many, many years- all the way back to the Ancient Greeks and even as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. It is a style of dress that has proven longevity and a style […]

How to make your own Overlay Dress

10 Dresses: Overlay Dress

The Overlay Dress (or Shelf Dress) , is a version of a shift dress that has become very popular on the high street over the past few years. Because it’s such a “new” style there isn’t a history so say. But it could be argued that 2012 was the year for this dress. Many young […]

How to make a Shift Dress by William Gee

10 Dresses: Shift Dress

Next up in the series, the shift dress. The shift dress has a long history. Depending on who you ask, the history will either start in the 1920s as a flipper dress or in the 1960s as Audrey Hepburn’s signature Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress designed by none other than Hubert de Givenchy. I love shift […]

How to make a Maxi Dress at William Gee

10 Dresses: Maxi Dress

Next on the list, the Maxi dress. When I think 70’s fashion I instantly think of two things: jumpsuits and maxi dresses. As the swinging 60’s drew to a close and a new subculture began it’s rise, the hems of dresses went from mini to maxi! However, it potentially wasn’t the right time for the […]

10 Dresses for the Festive Period: Slip Dress

10 Dresses: Slip Dress

It’s officially under 4 weeks to the big day, Black Friday madness has been and gone, the weather is getting colder and the Coca Cola advert has been spotted. Yes that’s right it’s the end of November. Where has this month gone? If you want to take shelter from the hustle and bustle on the high street […]

10 Dresses for the Festive Season - Dress 1

10 Dresses: Bardot Dress

Hi everyone, I’m Andrea and in the run up to the festive season I’m going to show you some quick win dresses that you can make to wear to any social event you have planned in the coming weeks. The dresses will get progressively harder, either the fabric or pattern or both. But I hope […]

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