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Lined vs Unlined Dresses

Versus: Gorgeous Lined – or – Great Unlined Dresses?

A couple of years ago, I made an unlined dress to wear to a summer wedding – just as a guest, so think cocktail length and fairly formal. I had fallen in love with a dress on Pinterest and was determined to make something similar, which meant scouring every pattern binder and fabric roll in […]

What is the best type of bias binding?

Versus: Ready to use – or – Homemade Bias Binding?

I haven’t used bias binding on my cushion projects for a while, so I thought it was time to give it a go when I started working on a set of autumn cushions. You can use it as the stand-out feature of your craft project or as a subtle finishing touch. That little strip of […]

Hand Dye vs Machine Dye

Versus Series: Hand Dye vs Machine Dye

After finishing a run of batik projects, I had packed away my salt and Dylon sachets in favour of other makes. But then fresh inspiration popped up on my Pinterest feed in the form of galaxy prints, cute vintage textile revamps and vibrant ombres. I’m back on the Dylon trail and I can’t wait to […]

Versus series - wadding vs toy filling

Versus: Fluffy Toy Filling – or – Puffy Wadding?

Certain projects call for a nice, big square of cotton or polyester wadding. Others, like cuddly dolls or comfy cushions, will see you adding polyester toy filling to your shopping basket without a second thought. If you’re charting your own course with a home-designed make, though, you might find the decision isn’t so clear cut. […]

subtle zips or stand out zips

Versus: Subtle – or – Stand-Out Zips?

Exposed zips and invisible ones can make a whole lot of difference to your dressmaking. A lot of the time, you can get away with a straightforward zip fastening. In reality, changing the fastening is a great way to make a pattern more distinctive. I’ll let you in on a secret: zips give me nightmares. […]

contrast stitching or careful colour matching

Versus: Contrast Stitching – OR – Careful Colour Matching

A good thread choice can make all the difference. Sometimes it’s only there to hold everything together. But when you’ve got free rein, is it worth making that necessity into a feature? Christmas projects often send me into confusion. I love the fun side, all the over-the-top sparkly stuff. That said, simpler Scandinavian-style designs are just […]


Versus: Turned Edge Appliqué – OR – Fuse and Run

When you want to add a lovely bit of appliqué to your project, do you turn the edges or iron on that fusible web and call it a day? My mantelpiece was looking a little tired last Christmas, so I figured it was time to treat my family to new stockings. After a spare-room-covering rummage […]

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