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6 inspiring sewing podcasts to listen to in 2024 (and beyond!)

I love having something on in the background while I’m sewing or cutting out a new project. Podcasts are great – depending on which one it is, it can either be incredibly educational, or feel like having a chat with sewing friend while working on a project together.

I’ve collated a list of my favourite sewing-related podcasts, and a few others which I’ve heard excellent things about and are next on my list.

Here they are, and in no particular order. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

1. Love to Sew

Helen Wilkinson (from Helen’s Closet Patterns) and Caroline Somos (from Blackbird Fabrics) have teamed up to deliver this delightful podcast. Both presenters have a wealth of knowledge, and regularly host other designers and makers who talk about their inspiring creations.

It has a lovely, friendly style and is a great one to listen to if you want to feel like you’re working on your project with another sewing friend in the room!


2. Sew Mindful

Hosted by Jacqui Blakemore from Sew Much More Fun, the Sew Mindful podcast shares sewing tips and ideas, as well as interviewing various sewing guests.

Jacqui covers some really practical topics too, such as sewing with stretch fabrics, tackling thick fabrics, and most recently – how to sharpen your fabric scissors. That last one is definitely something I need to do!


3. Stitch Please

This awesome podcast is hosted by Lisa Woolfork, a 6th generation sewing enthusiast and a specialist in African American literature and culture – Lisa applies her background and sewing expertise to deliver an engaging and inspiring podcast which celebrates Black creativity.

Designed for those who love sewing, the podcast centres around Black women, girls, and femmes. It’s a must listen if you’re passionate about sewing and quilting!


4. Sewing With Threads

This is one that’s on my list to listen to, but comes recommended by sewing friends of mine. Brought to you by the editors of Threads Magazine, Sewing with Threads interviews a different guest each month to discuss the craft of sewing.

It promises humour, wisdom and opinions from expert guests and the Threads team as they “discuss sewing techniques, fashion design, fitting conundrums, and more”.


5. Stitcher’s Brew

Firstly, this one has a great name. It was running as a weekly podcast hosted by Gabby from @gabberdashery and Megan from @pigeonwishes – it has a lovely chatty feel to it, and is definitely one that makes you want to pop the kettle on and settle down for a cosy listen.

It looks like they’ve paused recording for the last few years, but you can still find their episodes on Soundcloud – and they’re worth a listen.


6. Sew What?

This lovely podcast is recorded in London by Isabella Rosner, who’s a historic needlework expert. It’s all about historic needlework and those who stitched it. It explores all types of needlecraft (including embroidery, knitting, weaving, nålbinding, quilting, and lacemaking) from around the world and across continents. I love learning about different creative skills, and it makes me want to start a new hobby!


There are so many other wonderful podcasts and YouTube bloggers out there, so I’m sure I’ll add to this list soon. Are there any other podcasts you love to listen to while you’re sewing? Let us know!


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