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Great British Sewing Bee Episode 7: Recap and 90s Sewing Pattern Ideas

Sewing Bee: Episode 7 recap and 90’s sewing pattern ideas!

First off, sorry we missed Children’s Week! We’re back with a longer post for 90s week, including a recap and some 90s pattern ideas. The previous episode saw Fauve leaving, with only six contestants remaining.

90s week recap

This episode comes complete with a fabulous 90s playlist, dial-up tones (did anyone else use to sing along?!) and top 90s fashion trends. There’s also a shock disclosure from our youngest sewist, Mia, who revealed she wasn’t actually alive in the 90s..

© The Great British Sewing Bee, Sara Pascoe, Love Productions, James Stack.

Pattern Challenge

This week’s pattern is cargo pants! They’re definitely having a moment. It’s funny seeing things from your childhood coming back into fashion (having also gone through a period of being deeply unfashionable). It reminds me that fashion trend cycling is getting faster and faster. I do love 90s fashion though, so I’m pleased about its return. The ultra low-rise jeans from the 2000s are another story though.

How did they do?

Asmaa’s cargo pants were characteristically neat. She chose a fairly drapey fabric, so her pants had a more elegant finish. Many of the others went for a more classic, structured material. The bellow pockets proved tricky, and several stumbled trying to get them to look neat. Lizzie came in sixth place – her zip wasn’t well placed, and the hook and eye closure detached. Vicki came first – her pair were finished neatly and very well sewn.

The transformation

Vicki making a Ginger Spice costume – The Great British Sewing Bee (Image: Love Productions/James Stack

The transformation challenge saw statement household textiles transformed into fancy dress costumes inspired by 90s icons – e.g. the Spice Girls, Madonna, and J-Lo. Mia created a perfect Madonna cone bra, while Tony and Vicki both went for Geri Halliwell in her classic union jack dress. Lauren won the challenge with her Scary Spice outfit – a well made pair of leopard print trousers with a matching halter top.

The made to measure

The main event this week was inspired by 90s supermodels, who dominated the decade’s fashion scene. The judges are hoping for sexy fits, with opulent fabrics.

We saw multiple bias cut dresses for this challenge. Bias cuts are made diagonal to the grainline, meaning they hang beautifully as the weight of the fabric pulls the weave down. Lizzie used an amazing gold drapey fabric, but ran out of time to finish the details well.

Garment of the week, episode 7 – SOURCE: GBSB’s instagram page – BBC / Love Productions / James Stack

Asmaa’s dress was phenomenal! Her expertise in underwear making was clear – she’d constructed a beautifully well-fitting bodice. Patrick said it ‘fit to perfection’. It won her the garment of the week which was richly deserved! It was exquisite, and really encapsulated what they were looking for.

Lizzie, episode 7 – SOURCE: GBSB’s instagram page – BBC / Love Productions / James Stack

We ended up saying goodbye to Lizzie this week – I loved watching her and was sad to see her go. However, it does bring us to the quarter finals next week!


Get sewing with these 90s pattern ideas

So Sew Easy has made this free cargo pant pattern! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks fun.

So Sew Easy’s free cargo pant pattern

Try this camisole top for a quick 90s inspired sew – bonus points if it’s cropped. I think this pattern isa great basic, and also works for making underwear and bikini tops! It’s the Sommar Camisole by Paradise Patterns.

The Sicily Slip Dress by Sewing Masin has a classic silhouette and elegant neckline. There are also two options – one with a wider shoulder or, if you’d like to go classic 90s, spaghetti straps!

Sicily slip dress – Sewing Masin’s website
Sicily slip dress – Sewing Masin’s website

I hope that inspires you to give it a go!

Join us next week, which will be all about fashion icons – featuring the iconic LBD and smoking jackets.

Lorna x

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