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Fashion StudentsWilliam Gee supplies to many design schools, colleges and universities which specialise in fashion and design throughout the UK. We offer next day delivery, so students, staff and personnel can expect their goods delivered speedily.
For our student supply packs, saving you over 25% on buying the items individually, check out the below packs:

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Fashion, design and textile students regularly visit for their design goods. We offer competitive prices and occasionally have great student offers on many goods, including:
– Spot and cross pattern paper
– Calico
– Fashion design supplies
– Fiskars scissors
– Cutting tools
– Linings and Interlinings
We welcome fashion students from across the UK and wish you luck in your upcoming fashion design and textiles courses.
We also supply to:
» Fashion & Textile Designers
» Bridalwear Designers
» Theatre Houses & Film Studios
» Dry Cleaners & Repair Shops
Chat with us!
Chat with us!

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