Brass Bar + Loop

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Units: 720 (approx) | 1440
Colour: Nickel-plated | Black

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An alternative method of fastening garments and finishing closures on dresses, skirts, trousers, and tops. Brass bars are small metal fasteners made from twisted wire loops.
Our Brass Hooks are neat, dainty, hardly visible, and unlike snap poppers fabric may be overlapped or adjacent when used. There are many uses for brass loops, these include fastening collars, sleeves, belts, waist stays, lingerie guards, necklines and to finish and hold waistbands.
Available in 3 different sizes:
Size 1: 3mm x 10mm (approx)
Size 2: 4mm x 13mm (approx)
Size 3: 4mm x 13mm; holes are marginally bigger (approx)
Potential Uses:
– Sleeves
– Collars / Neckline
– Belts
– Waist Stays
– Lingerie Guards
– Finish Waistbands
Additional Information:
Composition: Nickel-plated | Black Brass Bars
Quantity: 720 (approx by weight) | 1440

fastners, fastenings, fastnings, hooks & eyes

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Weight 700 g

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