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Rewards Scheme

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We’re committed to rewarding our loyal customers, so we’ve introduced our NEW loyalty points rewards programme!
Our new scheme is our way of giving something back to loyal customers. The more you spend, the more points you earn – simple! See points build up from your orders in My Account and spend them on any of our 9000 products in our online shop – from thimbles to threads, and everything in between!
So for every £1 you spend with us at William Gee, you’ll earn Reward Points! Points can then be spent with us here at William Gee Online, against any online order, once you have got enough Reward Points to redeem!
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We hope you enjoy our new scheme and as always we welcome any feedback.

» Frequently Asked Questions

What is the William Gee Loyalty Rewards Programme?
Our Loyalty Programme is a way to reward our loyal customers. Simply put, the more you spend with us online, the more points you earn. You can then redeem your points for real money at the checkout, when you have enough earned points.
How do I join?
You are automatically signed up to the reward programme as soon as you join William Gee. You must be a registered user to earn points. We cannot retrospectively award points to “guest” users.
What are points awarded for?
For every £1 you spend with William Gee (on goods only – not VAT or delivery), you earn 10 Reward Points. The points ratio for redeeming points is 500 points for £1 off (effectively 2% cashback). You can see just how much you will save when you are at the checkout.
How do I get awarded points?
Points will automatically be awarded once your order is placed, Reward Points will be awarded to your registered account.
How will I know how many points I have?
You can view your Reward Points total in My Account. This will display all points from all orders placed in our online shop. Please note you must be registered and signed in to earn and redeempoints.
Are there any restrictions on earning Reward Points?
There are no restrictions – you earn points on all William Gee products, excluding VAT and delivery costs. Please note that reward points can only be redeemed online in our online shop (not in-store). Any reward points are only valid for a single transaction; any remaining amount is not exchangeable with cash or another voucher.
Do the points expire?
Your Reward Points will expire 365 days after your order. We will send you an email 5 days prior to expire so you can use them before they expire.
Do I need to pay VAT and/or delivery when I use my points?
Yes, the Reward Points only cover the goods value, (ex VAT, ex delivery), so you will be required to pay VAT & delivery charges.
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