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Tailor’s Marking Chalk, Assorted 10-Pack

Triangle Tailors Marking Chalk - William Gee UK

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Colours: Assorted
Units: Box of 10 chalks

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Earn 50 Reward Points with this purchase!
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Also known as tailor’s chalks, these triangular, non-powdery chalks by SKS are great for mark making on a variety of fabrics. The chalk marks simply rub away, and the chalks come in an assorted pack of 10.
The mark will stay on whilst work is in progress and as easy as possible to brush off when work has finished.
Additional Information:
Colour: Comes in an assorted box of white, yellow, red and blue
Units: 10 chalks per box
If you require the twin pack (retail pack), click here.
We warn customers to take care to test the fabric before starting work as sometimes the chemical finish in the cloth reacts with the chalk making it difficult to remove. Therefore test first and if in any doubt make your marks on the reverse side of the fabric.

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Weight 200 g

Assorted Colours


Box of 10 Chalks (Assorted)

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