Prym Horse Shoe Magnet

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Never lose another pin or needle with this fantastic Prym Horse Shoe Magnet!
This horse shoe-shaped magnet is perfect for retrieving dropped pins, needles and small metal objects. Every sewer should be keeping one in their sewing space! The Prym horseshoe magnet with its plum blue handle and the two magnetic poles is the ideal tool for picking up lost needles and pins, even from some inaccessible areas of the sewing machine. It helps quickly and easily to pick up pins and thereby lessens the risk of injury to the fingers. The laborious grabbing of each needle is no longer needed by simply sliding the magnet over the scattered needles. The magnet is an indispensable accessory at each sewing station, where many pins are used for the work.
Dropped a pin or broken needle into the base of the machine? This is a regular problem for anyone who spends a lot of time in the studio. Use the horse shoe magnet to efficiently extract said problematic article. And if you’ve been using pins on a delicate garment, run the magnet over the surface to make sure you’ve removed them all. It’s also the fastest, easiest way to tidy up loose pins and needles after a long day in the workroom.
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