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Hemline Bulky Seam Aid

Hemline Bulky Seam Aid - William Gee UK.

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Another fantastic accessory by Hemline! Use the Bulky Seam Aid to help when sewing over bulky seams on jeans or other thick layered fabrics!
The seam aid keeps the presser foot horizontal to help feed thick layers evenly and to keep stitching consistent. Has two widths for use with different fabric thicknesses. Can also be used when sewing on buttons, helping to create a thread shank. Can be used with all sewing machines.
1. Slide the Bulky Seam Aid under the presser foot from behind to level up the foot ready to sew over thick seam allowances.
2. Lower the presser foot and stitch slowly over the seam (increase stitch length slightly).
3. When coming tawards a thick seam, rise presser foot and slide the Bulky Seam Aid under the foot at the front,. lining up the gap between the prongs with the needle. Lower the presser foot and continue stitching over the thick seam. Raise presser foot and Remove the Bulky Seam Aid!

Sewing over buttons:
Slide the Aid under the presser foot from the side, aligning the gap between the prongs with the aperture in the foot and throat plate.

Prim, sewing, machine, machines, foot, feet

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