Hancock’s Press-Off Chalk

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Colour: White
Units: 1 | Box of 50

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Earn 27-710 Reward Points with this purchase!
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Hancock’s Press Off Chalk is suitable for use on most fabrics, it is specially formulated so that the marks will disappear when the garment is pressed by a steam iron. Marks made with Press Off chalk are more easily removed from delicate fabrics than those made with standard chalk or wax.
This chalk is suitable for marking most materials, including various weights of Worsted, Crimplene Cloths, Jersey Wool, Mohair and Mohair mixtures and marks will only disappear when normal pressing is carried out by steam press or steam iron etc.
These press off chalks come in colour white. A perfect addition for any dressmaking studio or tailor!
Sold here in single chalks or as a bulk box of 50 chalks.

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