Dylon Pre-Dye

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Dylon Pre-Dye removes colour from fabric so that it is suitable for dyeing to a lighter colour. Will treat all natural fabrics and nylon.
NOT suitable for wool or silk, polyester, acetate, acrylics or fabrics with special finishes.
1. Weigh dry articles to ensure that they are not too heavy, ordinary kitchen scales can be used. Put articles to be treated in the washing machine. Set and start the longest/hottest wash programme (85 or 95 degrees C).
2. After about 15 minutes dissolve the pack contents in 2 litres of hot water and add to machine via soap dispenser. Allow the cycle to finish.
3. When cycle is complete, add usual washing detergent and run your usual wash cycle for articles.
4. The articles are now ready to be dyed.

Dielon, Dylone, dielone

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Weight 650 g


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