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Coats Threads – Moon 120

Coats Sewing Threads - Moon 120

Availability: In stock

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

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Blk, Wht & Nat: In stock
Colours: 150 colours in stock

£1.00£4.22 ex. vat


Product Description

Our most popular thread, the Coats Sewing Thread in Moon is a lubricated sewing thread, made from 100% staple spun polyester.
Coats Moon 120 Thread Potential Uses:
– Shirts, blouses, jackets, lingerie, children’s apparel, underwear, knitwear and dresses.
Additional Information:
Choose from 5000yd overlocker thread cone or box of 10 x 1000yd spools (also sold individually).
Colours: Black, white, natural, unbleached and a variety of colours; please see our shade card.
Black, White & Natural: In stock
Colours: 3-5 working days delivery
Care to be daring? Let us pick a random box of colours in our promotion here: Pot Luck Moon Sewing Threads!
Did you know? We supply a lot of our dance costume manufacturers with Moon 120 threads – and they love it!

Cotes, Coates


Additional Information

Weight 400 g
Moon Colour

Black, Natural, White, M0001, M0002, M0003, M0004, M0005, M0006, M0007, M0008, M0010, M0011, M0012, M0013, M0014, M0015, M0016, M0017, M0018, M0021, M0019, M0023, M0024, M0025, M0026, M0027, M0028, M0029, M0030, M0031, M0032, M0034, M0035, M0037, M0038, M0039, M0040, M0041, M0043, M0044, M0046, M0047, M0050, M0051, M0052, M0053, M0054, M0055, M0056, M0057, M0059, M0060, M0061, M0063, M0065, M0067, M0070, M0073, M0074, M0075, M0076, M0077, M0078, M0079, M0080, M0081, M0082, M0083, M0084, M0085, M0086, M0087, M0088, M0089, M0090, M0091, M0092, M0093, M0094, M0095, M0096, M0097, M0098, M0099, M0100, M0101, M0102, M0103, M0104, M0105, M0106, M0107, M0108, M0109, M0110, M0111, M0112, M0113, M0114, M0201, M0202, M0203, M0204, M0205, M0206, M0207, M0208, M0209, M0210, M0211, M0212, M0213, M0214, M0215, M0216, M0217, M0218, M0219, M0220, M0221, M0222, M0223, M0224, M0225, M0226, M0227, M0228, M0229, M0230, M0231, M0232, M0233, M0234, M0235, M0236, M0237, M0238, M0239, M0241, M0242, M0243, M0244, M0245, M0246, M0247, M0248, M0249, M0250, M0251


1 x 1000yd spool, 10 x 1000yd spools, 5000yd cone

2 reviews for Coats Threads – Moon 120

  1. Alexandra
    5 out of 5


    These got delivered next day and really happy with the quality- thanks again!

    5 out of 5


    These are great quality threads at a great price. Bought a box each of white, natural and black.

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