The Heritage of British Design

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British fashion has been an unlimited source of style and inspiration for more than 300 years. Many strides within menswear today is influenced by the British men who have pushed fashion forward for generations; from the upper-class gentlemen to the aspiring youth, the British have shaped the sartorial world. British business wear experts have navigated the textbooks, exploring the heritage and journey of design, style, and influence throughout the times.
Several credited British fashions are surely dated and do belong in the history pages, from the wigs to the frilled linen shirts and silk stockings. Some fashions however, withstand the decades, both the trench coat and the coat shirt (button-front shirt) are two early inventions which have cemented themselves as staples within modern wardrobes both across genders and cultures. Today, the fashion landscape seems to be changing everyday. trends come and cuts are altered constantly. It is not until we think deeply and carefully about the many years of rich history and design that we can truly appreciate the influence the British have on style.
William Gee have been supplying British menswear fashion businesses for over 100 years now and we pride ourselves in supporting British businesses, as we look to bring production back to the UK.
See the graphic below for a 300 year history of British Menswear Design:
The History of British Design with TM Lewin

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