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Prym Hook & Eyes (for Jerkins) No.9

Prym Jerkins Hook and Eyes No 9 - William Gee UK

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Colour: Nickel Plated
Size: No.9
Units: 12 per card

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Earn 28 Reward Points with this purchase!
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An alternative method of fastening garments and finishing closures on dresses, skirts, trousers, and tops. Hook and eyes are small metal fasteners made from twisted wire to create two different sides a hook and an eye.
These hooks and eyes for jerkins in size 9 are the right fastenings for heavy clothing such as jackets and traditional costumes. Unlike buttons, these silver or black-coated iron hooks and eyes can be sewn onto clothing virtually indiscernibly, preventing the material’s design from being affected by button plackets. Hooks and eyes for jerkins are available from Prym both as a 12-pack set and separately in 500-unit packages. The fastenings made of rust-protected iron have been produced fully burr-free and can be comfortably opened and closed.
Our Brass Hook and Eyes are neat, dainty, hardly visible, and unlike snap poppers fabric may be overlapped or adjacent when used. There are many uses for hook and eyes, these include fastening collars, sleeves, belts, waist stays, lingerie guards, necklines and to finish and hold waistbands / the top of zippers. Available in 4 different sizes.
Additional Information:
Size: No.9
Units: 12 per card
Colour: Nickel Plated
Composition: Brass Hooks
Potential Uses:
– Sleeves
– Collars / Neckline
– Belts
– Waist Stays
– Lingerie Guards
– Finish Waistbands
– Finish Zippers

Article 261457, 261458
&, +, fastenings, fastnings

Weight 200 g



Nickel Plated




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