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Premium Tailor’s Pressing Clapper

Premium Tailors Pressing Clapper - William Gee

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Length: 25cm

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Earn 300 Reward Points with this purchase!
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Earn 300 Reward Points with this purchase!
What's this?

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Introducing the William Gee 
Tailor’s Clapper!
The Hardwood Tailor’s Pressing Clapper is a fantastic tool to press perfect creases, flatten bulky facing and create crisp seams and creases while sewing. If you have doubts, try half a project with a clapper, and half without…you’ll DEFINITELY notice the difference!
How do Tailor’s Clappers work? The wood itself absorbs the steam, and traps the heat inside of your fabric, instead of setting it free into the air of your sewing room. This is the magic of the tailor’s clapper. Your fabric needs the right combination of hot to cool, steamy to dry in order to make a perfectly flat seam – and our tailor’s clapper makes it happen!
Is the wood special? Tailor’s clappers are made out of hardwood only and ours is made from the finest British Forestry FSC and PEFC accredited wood! So I suppose you could say it’s special, yes!
How do I use a tailor’s clapper? To use the clapper to its fullest potential, with either a spray bottle or the steam in your iron, give your seam a nice, steamy press. Lift up your iron and press the tailor’s clapper on the seam until the area is fully cool (about 5-7 seconds is enough). Lift it up too soon, and you’ll rob the seam of the complete magic of the tailor’s clapper (mostly because you’re shortchanging that heat treatment!)
Additional Information:
Length: 25cm (10″)
Colour: Natural Tulipwood
Every tailor and dressmaker needs one in their studio, and it makes for the nicest gift too! Each clapper is beautifully engraved with the William Gee “Signature” for authenticity…so what are you waiting for?

Weight 300 g

Natural Tulipwood

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