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Milward Knitting Dolly

Milward Knitting Dolly - William Gee UK

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teach the basic principles of knitting!

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Milward’s Knitting dolly (aka French Knitter) – with needle – produces a narrow tube of knitted fabric. French knitting is a traditional way to teach children the basic principles of knitting.
The Milward Knitting Dolly is a 4-peg wooden knitting loom and comes with needle and instructions.
This Knitting Dolly – also known as a French Knitter – can be used on wool, yarns of cotton, silk, or synthetic thread. All of these materials can be knitted into beautiful braids.
1. Push a strand of wool through the hole of the French Knitter from the top until a short end is projecting from the bottom
2. Hold the French Knitter head firmly with thumb in front
3. The working end of the wool runs slightly taut over the top joint of the index finger and between the middle and fourth finger. Simultaneously the middle and fourth fingers should hold the foot of the French Knitter
4. With the right hand, hold the needle like a knitting needle.
5. To cast on, wind the wool twice with the left index finger from the left to right round the first pin (while the wool is held taut) and lift the lower stitch over the first stitch with the knitting pin, so that there is only one stitch left on the pin.
6. This is repeated with the other three pins.
7. Continue knitting clockwise, winding the wool only one, around each pin lifting the lower stitch over the first stitch with the knitting pin so that there is only one stitch left on the pin.
8. To finish, cast off like knitting.
9. For change of colour, knot together the second colour and double knit a few stitches on either side of the knot. Knots are to be concealed in the tube.

Knitting Dolly instructions

Weight 200 g


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