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Buckles & Fastenings

Buckles & Fastenings

Are you looking to buy Haberdashery Fastenings? William Gee have a great range of Hooks, Eyelets, Hook and Eye clips, Poppas, Snap Fasteners and more. When a fastening breaks, it’s easy to buy another one here, and William Gee will deliver it quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re mending clothes yourself, or are a dressmaker, these are accessories which you need. Items like pins, fasteners, safety pins, and hook and eye clips are all items that every dressmaker requires, in order to take up hems and finish garments off a little smoother.

  • Buckles

    Buckles (33)


    Are you looking to buy Haberdashery Buckles? William Gee have a great range of Nurses, Trousers and Shoe buckles. These can be ordered in bulk or in smaller quantities too! When a buckle breaks, it's easy to buy another one here, and William Gee will deliver it quickly and efficiently. Whether you're mending clothes yourself, or are a dressmaker, we will have the perfect buckle for you listed below.

    So if it's an antique look, a brass or plastic finish, we're sure to stock it. Just in case we don't, feel free to get in touch here and we'll do all we can to stock it for you.

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  • Hook & Eyes

    Hook & Eyes (20)

    Hook & Eyes

    At William Gee we want to make sure you only use the best materials, and you'll be happy to know we take our Hook and Eyes very seriously! With over 100 variations to choose from- if you're looking for small corset eyes, hook and bars, or large pattern hooks- you'll find the items you require in our online shop. So from now on mending your clothes, taking up hems, finishing garments off neatly and delicate alterations will be made that bit easier.

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  • Snaps & Poppers

    Snaps & Poppers (13)

    Snaps & Poppers

    William Gee is one of the largest suppliers of fastenings in the UK. If you're buying online, make sure you choose your snap fasteners which are right for your garment or item. Our snap fasteners are rust proof meaning no marks or stains to tarnish your beautifully made projects. We only buy the best snap fasteners for our customers and pride ourselves on keeping our prices low. For larger projects and wholesale, we sell snap fasteners in plastic or metal- by the bucketload! As always, if you can't find what you're looking for, please do get in touch.

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